About Us

Our Story


RSG, founded by Mr. Pawan Gupta in the year 2004, is amongst the leading brands in India in the consumer home care sector. Operating in the beauty, home care, real estate and computer hardware manufacturing business, RSG has spread its wings across sectors to provide the consumers with the best quality products. Empowered with the vision for India’s bright future, we strive to make a positive difference in the life of our stakeholders – consumers, employees, investors, associates and our society. We have had a successful venture into the home care sector under the brand name Excel Plus providing quality products such as herbal floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, bathroom cleaners and bar soaps. Our cosmetics and beauty care business was ventured in the year 2014 under the brand name Night and day with products like Kajal, eye liner, nail polish and sindoor. Across our varied portfolio, we have held one belief constant – entitle consumers with top-notch products that inspire them towards better living.

Our Vision


To manufacture superior products and provide exceptional customer service, creating value for customers and the community.

Our Mission


Our mission as a caring and reliable company is to deliver outstanding service, quality products and value for money for our customers. Through dedication, innovation and passion, we are confident about our ability to achieve these goals.