8 Money Saving Laundry Tips

8 Money Saving Laundry Tips

There has been a gradual shift from our traditional and manual washing of clothes, warranted by the ever increasing sales of washing machines.The cost of residential laundry only seems to rise. Ever wished for a parallel world where laundry wouldn’t cost as much? Well, here are some tips for you to make laundry not this hard on your pocket.
1. Energy-efficient washing machines
If you are planning to buy a washing machine, invest in an energy-efficient one. If you already own one, make sure it isn’t too old to get your energy bills to rise.

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2. Keeping lower temperature
Using hot water consumes energy. Instead use cold or warm water. Save the use of hot water for clothes where only hot water could help its cleansing, like greasy stains; including the ones where bacteria tends to thrive, like linens. Also, heavily stained clothes could be washed in cooler temperatures, if soaked beforehand.

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3. Loading

Load the washing machine to its capacity. Loading to its optimum use can help save energy and therefore cost.

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4. Drying

It is advisable to ditch drying clothes in washing machines and hang them up instead to save cost. If you opt to use the drying facility:

      1. Make sure not to add wet clothes to ones that are partially dried
      2. Separate your clothes to dry ones with similar types.
      3. Use the auto-dry setting, if possible, instead of a timer.
      4. And in no case over-dry the clothes.

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5. Cleaning/Repairing

Have the filter of the dryer cleaned regularly as a clogged one could affect its working, flow and performance. Clean the dryer filter after each use. Also, ensure time-to time servicing of your washing machine.


6. Using the short cycles

Prefer using short cycles unless the clothes are the types that require longer cycles for its cleaning, to save on the use of water and energy.


7. Using less detergent

If you are liberal in the use of your detergent, you need to stop right way. This would not only save on your cost of energy and detergent but also give you cleaner and better washed clothes.


9. Easy to clean clothes

Be mindful while you shop for clothing. One of the best ways to reduce cost on laundry is to buy clothes that require less cleaning or the ones that can be washed manually. This will help in reducing the need for detergent, water, ironing and thus energy.


We hope these tips add some value to your cost-cutting. Let’s get on now and make laundry a fret-free activity for both,men and women.

Neha Patil
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