10 makeup hacks to up your beauty routine!

10 makeup hacks to up your beauty routine!

Ever since they are known, makeup hacks have known to be saviors. They are genius, set to make your life a lot more simpler and enjoyable. We have put together 10 such makeup hacks to help you save time, without spending a fortune on it. So, go on to get your desired look within minutes. Apply them and you would wish you had known them forever.

1. A ‘gel liner’ for your eyes
Embolden your eyes with the consistency of a gel-like liner. And you don’t have to go hunting for it. Get your pencil or kohl eyeliner out (buy one now if you haven’t already); hold it under the flames of a match or a lighter for a couple of seconds. Your eyeliner is geared to give your eyes the texture of a gel.

2. Reinvent your mascara

Hold up! Don’t yet cast away your dried-up mascara (unless it has passed the period of three months from the use). Use drops of saline solution or contact lens solution to re-wet your dried up mascara.

3. Make your own lip gloss
Got loose pigments (powder) of eye shadow of the colour you adore and don’t know what to make of it? Here’s a suggestion for you to rejoice- mix it with salve or petroleum jelly. A customized lovely lip gloss is good to use and flaunt.

4. Make your lips look fuller

Your lip colour cannot inherently work to give your lips a plumper look. Here’s a tip to get you one within a couple of minutes. Apply light colored eye-pencil at the center of your lips; spread and smudge it gently it through the area of your lips. Watch and enjoy the difference.

5. Make your lipstick last long

How great a world would it be if the lipstick would brave on your lips for eternity! (until, of course, you’d want it to vanish). Well, here’s a tip to have it last longer than usual- press tissue over the lips applied with lip color; follow this with dusting them with translucent powder. Resistant and beautiful it is!

6. Dotted nail paint design

Thought of the impossibility of having a dotted nail paint design? Drop it now, because all you need is a Band-Aid! Press Band-Aid (the side with holes) over your painted or no-painted nails. Apply the nail colour over the band aid with your favorite color. Dotted nail paint for you!

7. An alternative to smudging your eyeliner

Move away from the practice of applying your eyeliner and then smudging it. Here’s a relatively simpler and effortless tip for your smudged-eye look – Draw the liner over a brush (usable for makeup). Softly apply the brush over the desired area, and smudge is what would naturally happen!  

8. Get straight lines with your eyeliner

Have you been struggling to draw a straight line for your eyes? The wrestle could end with just a business card or a credit card or handle of a spoon. Angle any of them from the outer corner of your eyes- upwards; and following the tool you choose, draw with the eyeliner a line, straight!

9. Flawless mascara

Do you find application of mascara messy? It doesn’t have to be at all with this simple hack- Place a spoon,upside down, under your bottom lashes while you are applying the mascara without worrying about those stains.

10. Fix broken lipsticks

Cracking of your favorite lipstick can get really tragic and distressing. Wait-up before you trash it already! Use flames over the broken part and fix it over the rest of the lipstick. Within 20 seconds your favorite lipstick is as special as before!


Get on with the application, now that you know. Spread the word; makeup can be pleasant and inexpensive too!

Neha Patil
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